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You must act promptly if you have been dismissed or are unhappy at work as strict time limits apply to courses of action you may wish to take.


Am I eligible?

Legal aid is now only available to eligible people in discrimination claims through the Civil Legal Advice (CLA) helpline. SWLLC continues to offer high quality employment legal services at as low a price as possible to people who would otherwise go without access to a lawyer. We offer a free half hour appointment where an initial assessment can be made of your case and the range of options open to you. If you wish us to undertake further work for you we will discuss our fees and other funding options available for your case through fixed fees, no win on fee agreements or through existing insurance you have. 



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If you have worked for your employer for more than two full years and you have been sacked unfairly, we can help you bring a case in the Employment Tribunal.  If your employer is treating you so badly you want to leave your job (or has otherwise broken your employment contract) and you are contemplating resigning, we can help you with advice, and with bringing your case if appropriate.


Unpaid wages

If your employer is withholding your pay or not paying you the correct rate of pay, then we may be able to help.


Notice pay or redundancy pay

If your employer has failed to pay you your notice pay or redundancy pay, we can help you make a claim to the tribunal.


Holiday pay

You are entitled to receive 28 days’ paid annual leave (inclusive of bank holidays) from your employer. If your employer refuses to pay you when you are on holiday, we can help you.


Breach of contract

If you think that your employer has broken a term of your employment contract, then we may be able to assist you with a claim.



If you would like to raise a grievance against your employer or another work colleague, we can help you to draft a letter to them.



If you feel that a sanction imposed on you by an employer is too harsh (for example, a final written warning), then we can help you to draft a letter of appeal to your employer.


Settlement Agreements

If you and your employer have agreed to end your employment and have agreed to enter into an agreement to show this, then we can help you to make sure that the agreement suits your needs. There is a fee for this; however, the employer will usually pay for you to get advice about the agreement.



If you feel that you are being treated badly or that your employer's practices or rules put you at a disadvantage because of your race, disability, sexual orientation, gender, pregnancy, gender reassigment, marriage or civil partnership, age or religion and beliefs, then you may have a discrimination claim.


Following the changes to Legal Aid in April 2013, you should, in the first instance, contact Civil Legal Advice to find out if you are eligible for Legal Aid. There is an online calculator at You can also contact them by telephone on 0845 345 4345 or minicom 0845 609 6677. The lines are open Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm and Saturday, 9am to 12:30pm. Civil Legal Advice will then be able to provide you with information on how to take forward any claim you may have.