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On Monday 22nd May we walked 10K after work alongside thousands of lawyers raising money for legal advice charities like SWLLC. The case study below from our debt service explains why this advice matters and must remain an accessible service for those who need it. 


Ms K ‘s husband had left her and frozen her bank accounts. She wanted to divorce him but was concerned that she would lose half of her house if she did. Having heard nothing from the bank, she was very worried and unsure of what to do next. After calling the law centre, Roni from the debt team spent over an hour listening to her situation.


Ms K said, “Roni was fantastic. She listened to me very carefully, which was so important when I was in such a state. She told me to write down everything I’d said in a letter to the bank. They replied and are upholding every single point!”


Form the letter than Roni had encouraged Ms K write, the bank paid her £100 in compensation, £600 in interest and settled the mortgage, allowing Ms K to feel much less concerned about her future.


“I cannot work at the moment but have a hospital appointment planned and some interviews coming soon. I was so worried, I knew that I should make a complaint as what was happening was wrong but I needed someone to tell me that what I was saying was good. Thank you so much Roni, now I feel secure.”


Ms K said the support from our debt service was exactly what she needed. Our advice empowers individuals to help themselves. Help us to continue this work by making a donation to the Law Centre: