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SWLLC is managed by a volunteer board of trustees who meet on a bi-monthly basis. They are elected at our annual general meeting.  If you want to find out more about what this involves please contact the Chief Executive, Patrick Marples at


The day-to-day management is delegated to the Senior Management Team.





Andrew Folkes, Billing/ Cost Manager

Andrew Martin, Thames Water

Andrew Jackson, Stepping Stones

Angell Day, Debt Adviser

Diane Sechi, Housing

Emma McGowan, Wandsworth paralegal

Fenella Mason, Project Caseworker

Fran Elliott, Merton Branch Administrator

Jamie McLean, Solicitor

Jaye Munro, SMT Administrator

Jeinsen Lam, Housing Team Leader Croydon

Julieann Nicoll, Housing Solicitor

Katy Forkah, Head of Legal Practice / Housing Solicitor

Kimberly Gray, Wandsworth Administrator

Leena Jangra, Housing Team Leader Merton

Marie Paris, Paralegal Kingston

Mark Housby, Immigration Team Leader

Nicoletta Crivellaro, Client Services Support

Niki Goss, Housing Solicitor

Nikki Sheydayeva, Croydon Branch Administrator

Patrick Marples, Chief Executive

Paul Wallace, Housing Team Leader Wandsworth

Pradeep Kumar, Asylum & Immigration solicitor

Rajitha Kumar, Asylum & Immigration solicitor

Rajiv Bera, Asylum & Immigration Caseworker

Roni Marsh, Debt Team Leader

Sarah Forsyth, Employment Caseworker

Shyam Popat, Client Services Manager

Sophie Donegal, Wandsworth Paralegal